Welcome to Tosa’s All-City Read!

Brought to you by the Neighborhood Association Council of Wauwatosa

Tosa’s All-City Read is a common reading program for the whole city of Wauwatosa. Our goal is to have everybody in our community read the same book in the same month and discuss it in small book clubs, big groups and at special events all over town.

Presenting Our Books for 2013-2014

You’re sure to love these books that center on the themes of using imagination, cleverness and hard work to make extraordinary things happen.

For Adults (Ages 13+)
“Rocket Boys”
by Homer H. Hickam, Jr.

The inspiring memoir that became the movie October Sky
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rocket boys

For Younger Readers (Ages 8+)
“Hollow Earth”
by Carole E. Barrowman and John Barrowman

A fantasy thriller about twins who can bring art to life and move in and out of paintings
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Little Kids Read Along!

Kids get to join in the fun too. We’ve selected a number of titles appropriate for early readers or for reading to young children – all incorporating the themes of space, art, imagination, and family.

About the NAC

The Wauwatosa Neighborhood Association Council supports neighborhood associations in Tosa by helping them grow and make connections, providing leadership training, and keeping them informed about local events and quality-of-life issues.